One chicken is great Maybe two was better

Watercolor Painting Blue Bell Chicken study: the lovely Myrtle

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Watercolor Painting Blue Bell Chicken study.

Last year  I set eyes on a gorgeous chicken named myrtle. I came across her in a blog from The Garden Smallholder in a post called Chickens in the Garden, be sure to check that out. She was a blue bell chicken. I never heard of a blue bell chicken but I was in love. I knew I wanted to paint her.

I finally got around to painting her. I went through the same process I always do when I paint within the first few paint strokes I feel that the painting is pure rot and I should start over. I am used to that feeling and and I just ignore it and push ahead. The painting is fine but  don’t think it quiet does her justice. I will do some more studies. Somewhere in my storage are some watercolor pencils I think would be perfect to help me with my next painting.

Considering I bought my last watercolor set with Myrtle as the impetus she has been quite the inspiration.

The beautiful Myrtle passed away last year I hope that I am able to pay a fitting tribute to this beautiful little chicken. This study is available in my Society6 Shop. Stay tuned for more beautiful chicken studies.

Living Room Decorated with my Art and Photos

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I made this living room decorated with my Paintings and photos. Most things available in my Society6 shop. Contact me about the photos

Some items in my society 6 Page

Setting up my Society 6 Shop

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Making All kinds of wonderful things in my Society 6 shop. T-shirts, pillow and Ipod covers oh my! I am quite addicted to taking images I have  made and pretty much instantly turning it almost endless groovy products at Society 6. I am very partial to the throw pillows. Next just for fun I will make a fake living room with all my snazzy items. Doesn’t that sound like fun. In fact I think I’ll do that right after I post this. Check out my Society 6 page! And follow my blog so you can check out my living when it arrives.

Watercolor Portrait Katie's Hair

Watercolor Portrait Katie’s Hair

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Watercolor Portrait Katie's Hair

Watercolor Portrait Katie’s Hair

Watercolor Portrait Katie’s Hair; it’s always about the hair. When I was in college I made a painting very similar to this one. I left that painting at college intending to return and it but it was lost. She was lost years ago but has reminded sharp in my mind. I was trilled to paint her again in watercolor. I was very surprised she had been popular in my Shop because the composition is unusual with her face turned away, but it all about the hair. Check her out in my Shop.

Octopus Blue watercolor

I have been thinking

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I have been thinking, for months. What Art do I like to do what subject? Inspired by an unexpected source (which

Jellyfish watercolor

I’ll share later) I look up watercolor. Watercolor is a medium I have fought

Octopus Blue watercolor

with for over 25 years. I have been an Artist all my life. I have  painting and drawn easily all my life but when I tried watercolor I always ended up with a muddy mess. I decided to try again and admit to myself that it was a totally different medium and surrender to it and not try to force it into my regular techniques. I was finally about to get some good results.

I went back to my roots in college when I fist started to paint seriously. I fell in love with a deep blue called phalo

Marisol watercolor portrait
Marisol watercolor portrait

blue and hair I loved to paint hair. With a new a technique I went back to my old loves. Here are my results.

Jenifer watercolor portrait
Jenifer watercolor portrait