The Lost Photographs


There was a time in my life when I always had a camera in my hand, for about 8 years.

That was the time of dark rooms, film and chemicals. I had my own enlarger to print my photographs in my tiny New York bathroom. I had my negatives and prints packed away as I moved from one place to the next I would come across them. Some of these aren’t bad I would think I need to get them in order and share them somehow. At the beginning that meant having them printed. Would I print them myself? For years I had everything I needed, the paper and all the supplies. If  I had them printed that would be an expensive undertaking and there was no guarantee they would be printed how I wanted. It seemed like such a big project. I keep putting the photographs away.

As the years went by and everything went digital the project changed completely I would have to have the negatives scanned and print them another big expensive project. The photographs go put away again. The two things happened when I was moving I found a cd I had scanned some of my images professionally close to 20 years ago. And I discovered Society6 a website that would print my photographs for me without me having to buy one piece of paper. I was able to bring those I had scanned back it one day. Click on the photographs to learn more about them. Now to get to the others.