Original Watercolor Painting Snowy Owl

Pay what you want for My Art

Artistic process, Pay what you want for My Art

I am going to do a little experiment. As an Artist I know what  think my art is work, a million dollars each, of course. Back in reality I try to base the prices of my Art on the amount of time it takes me, the skill involved and how similar works are priced. But what is it worth to someone out there? What they are willing to pay?

I was also inspired by a guy out there that is a web consultant and has people pay him what they think the job is worth. Inspiring, so this is the experiment I am willing to sell my original pieces of Art for what someone out there thinks its worth. There are a few details. Pick out an Art piece make and make an offer. I only ask that the offer be reasonable with a sincere intent to purchase if the offer is accepted.  If I accept the offer the piece is yours. I will adjust the price to reflect the offer and you can  purchase.

This offer applies only to my original peices.

Depending how this works. I might continue to sell my original pieces like this. I think its a great way to start a conversation between Artist and clients. If you think its a great idea please share it. Click on the images below to check out my shop.