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Watercolor Painting Blue Bell Chicken study: the lovely Myrtle

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Watercolor Painting Blue Bell Chicken study.

Last year  I set eyes on a gorgeous chicken named myrtle. I came across her in a blog from The Garden Smallholder in a post called Chickens in the Garden, be sure to check that out. She was a blue bell chicken. I never heard of a blue bell chicken but I was in love. I knew I wanted to paint her.

I finally got around to painting her. I went through the same process I always do when I paint within the first few paint strokes I feel that the painting is pure rot and I should start over. I am used to that feeling and and I just ignore it and push ahead. The painting is fine but  don’t think it quiet does her justice. I will do some more studies. Somewhere in my storage are some watercolor pencils I think would be perfect to help me with my next painting.

Considering I bought my last watercolor set with Myrtle as the impetus she has been quite the inspiration.

The beautiful Myrtle passed away last year I hope that I am able to pay a fitting tribute to this beautiful little chicken. This study is available in my Society6 Shop. Stay tuned for more beautiful chicken studies.