My son and my dancing dog Milu

The Tao of my dog’s poop

day to day life in South FLorida

I made another step in figuring the mysteries of my dog’s bathroom schedule. I rescued an older dog I hadn’t intended to but there she was in a back yard alone, foraging for herself where she had been for years.

My son and my dancing dog  Milu

My son and my dancing dog Milu

She had been left in a this yard of a home that was rented by a family that only held events at the home intermittently. She is a full breed boxer. When I met her she was sweet, friendly and doing a  dance routine for food. She is quiet the dancer. Check out her dance moves

My son fell in love with her and once I figured out she was alone I picked her up and brought her home.

Even though she had been living outside for sometime she remembered what it was to be a treasured dog and headed straight for our king sized bed and made herself comfortable. She was dirty and flea bitten but I didn’t have heart to kick her out to of the bed. Thankful she she still remembered not to go to the bathroom to in the house and after some adjustment everything was in order. As long as she went out before bed she was good for the night.

I quickly learned she liked routines. She loved to go in the car to drop my son off to school at 8am and would remind us on the weekends. She went to bed at 9:30 and if I wasn’t in bed by 11:30 she wold come looking for me. Our lives changed in the last few months and we were definitely off routine. We had moved to a different state; and for while I was staying  in an home where she was not allowed. She was boarded and for about 6 weeks. When I got her back she wasn’t sleeping through the night any more. Every night she would wake up and and want to go out for a pee:  3 am sometimes 4 am, every night sometimes 5am.

My Boxer Dog Milu

look at that face

I tried  to get her back on schedule so that she would sleep through the night with no success. We kept trying I would let her out to do her business every night before bed and every night she would wake me up to go out.

Then one night she didn’t. I woke up and checked her she was fine. We were back on pee patrol the next night in the middle of the night. I gave up I figured she was an old dog and couldn’t sleep through the night any more. She was a 9 year old baby that would never grow up.

Then I figured it out. It was the poop not the pee, she was going poop. She has this little thing she does after a poop, she runs a full gallop back into the house. Sure enough she was galloping back into the house in the middle of the night.

The next night I gave her a longer walk and made sure she pooped and now we are all sleeping like babies

My Orchid in spectacular bloom nurtured by my neighbor Ron the Orchid Whisper

The Simplest Orchid Care ever from the Orchid Whisper

day to day life in South FLorida

The Simplest Orchid Care ever from the Orchid Whisper my 87 year old neighbor.

My Orchid in spectacular bloom  nurtured by my neighbor Ron the Orchid Whisper

My Orchid in spectacular bloom nurtured by my neighbor Ron the Orchid Whisper

I call my  87 year old neighbor Ron  the orchid whisper. I am a little off my normal topic. I thought the story of this modest man would be fabulous for my local lifestyle magazine Pompano Today (check the fab city I live in). My friend at the magazine agreed. The only problem was that Ron didn’t agree. He didn’t want a story done on him.  Awww, I was disappointed. He would have made a great story and I thought his techniques should be shared. So it was up to me to share his simple steps.

He lives in a simple modest 1 bedroom apartment in front of his  home is a wonderland, about 9 gorgeous orchids. When they are all blooming their beauty will take your breath away. I was stunned when I first saw them. “What do you do?” I asked him. What he does is so simple. I have asked him again and again because I just couldn’t believe his technique was so easy.

This is what he does. His orchids are planted in loosely packed regular soil, he puts two ice cubes on each plant every other day, he applies orchid fertilizer every two weeks. That’s it.

I had my own orchid which had started out large and gorgeous when I got it from my luxury retailer employer. By the time I met Ron it was simply alive. It  hadn’t bloomed since I got it 6 months before and I had no idea what to really do with it. All I knew was not to over water it.

I put it outside to share the same light as Ron’s plants. Shortly after I took it outside ice cubes started to appeared in the plant. Ron was now taking care of it, thank goodness. This orchid is now in spectacular bloom with 7 flowers. I am completely amazed by how lovely it is. I think its more beautiful now then when the fancy florist delivered it.

I  presented Ron with another plant that a friend of mine had put by the garbage after much neglect. That plant is blooming as well with three flowers open and two getting ready to open.

The orchid I took from the garbage in bloom

The orchid I took from the garbage in bloom

I now feel confident enough to get some plants on my own. Ron’s plants all have blooms and will be flowering shortly. I can’t wait.

I was surprised how well the picture of the orchid came out. I just snapped a quick picture of it. Just a happy accident I guess so I added it to the portfolio in my Fine Art America shop.