Living Room Decorated with my Art and Photos

American Flag, portraits, sea creatures, watercolor

I made this living room decorated with my Paintings and photos. Most things available in my Society6 shop. Contact me about the photos

Some items in my society 6 Page

Setting up my Society 6 Shop

American Flag, portraits, sea creatures, watercolor

Making All kinds of wonderful things in my Society 6 shop. T-shirts, pillow and Ipod covers oh my! I am quite addicted to taking images I have  made and pretty much instantly turning it almost endless groovy products at Society 6. I am very partial to the throw pillows. Next just for fun I will make a fake living room with all my snazzy items. Doesn’t that sound like fun. In fact I think I’ll do that right after I post this. Check out my Society 6 page! And follow my blog so you can check out my living when it arrives.

American Flag Heart Shirt

American Flag Heart

American Flag

American Flag Heart ShirtI love to paint The American Flag. With Valentine coming I was thinking what do I love? Sitting here in beautiful Florida with my dog curled up on her bed and my son sleeping. I love them and living in this countries makes our possibilities in life endless. I heart the USA. You can wear your heart your sleeve or on your chest. Check it out in my Society 6 Shop